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"Teaching Love, Success & Integrity through Ancient Khametic Water Wisdom."


SHENU: Harmonious Way of Water

"Pekharit pu ankh (Life is a circle)." - Ancient Khametic Proverb

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Cultivating a Culture of Kindness

The Original Spiritual Path to Cleansing Body,
Heart, Mind  & Soul

"Take responsibility for examining and cleaning up your own life, before an outside authority is forced to cleanse it for you." - Book of Prince Hardjedef, Verse 1

SHENU Living Waters Khametic Ashram was founded by Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu Mu Neferet (a.k.a. Pastor Elaine Lloyd-Nazario).

In understanding the Khametic concept of the circle, "Shen" and "Shenu" both mean "circle, coming full circle, perfection, completeness, protection, reflection, mirror, introspection, accountability, interconnection, trust, unity, karma, mysticism, peace, success."


Queen Mother Imakhu's extensive, cross correlative research has brought everything in her spiritual journey full circle. Even her new  logo design for Shenu Ministries reflects the true ancient Khametic meaning of "The Potter's Wheel," "True Living Waters" and "Shaping Your Own Life."  (Read about why Queen Mother Imakhu was passionate about resurrecting the Khametic water traditions here.) Queen Mother has adopted and teaches Shenu as a daily philosophy, with the laws of Maat (harmony, justice, order, reciprocity, balance, higher love), and Khametic water mysticism, as foundations. Shenu  Ashram's own exclusive, comprehensive Shenu Khametic life plan with unique tools to enhance daily living is "The Next Level of New Thought." New, but ancient.


To succeed, we must build a circle of friends, family, and acquaintances who desire and work for, sustain, and maintain better and higher standards of living. Our karma gets tied in with our circle, better or worse. We are accountable for ourselves, but also accountable for those we negatively enable (as opposed to assisting), those we positively aid, and those we selfishly ignore. Our actions impact upon each other. With ideal circumstances, we surround ourselves with loving, supportive people who see our potential, and help us to birth the best of ourselves. We should then reciprocate, building our colleagues. The strength of the circle means individual and community success. Slackers cause failure, imbalance, and selfishness. Think of the popular motivation saying, "Who's in YOUR circle?" Queen Mother is also adamant about moving these practices away from "cult" to the pure celebration of "culture" and cognitive thinking.


Many of today's New Thought concepts and practices are directly from ancient Khamet. To recognize and understand Khametic philosophy, beliefs, and traditions is to know Truth. To consistently incorporate Khametic culture and spirituality into your daily life is to LIVE Truth (Ankh Maat). Living Truth, along with the quest for wisdom and deeper innerstanding leads to Peace and Freedom (Sharm').


Shenu Living Waters Khametic Ashram offers Shenu Khametic classes and workshops to help your life flow in accordance with your purpose.


Join us for Sbat: Khametic Saturday Morning Service.

Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu, Founder/Director of

SHENU Ashram Online &


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