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"Take responsibility for examining and cleaning up your own life, before an outside authority is forced to cleanse it for you." - Book of Prince Hardjedef, Verse 1

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Queen Mother Imakhu's newest how-to book on rebuilding your life with the Ancient African Water spiritual lifestyle and traditions. Learn how Khametic water spirituality can bring harmonious flow to your life. Prayers, calendar, yoga, positive affirmations, much more to anchor your body, mind and soul. Order your copy now.

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Queen Mother Imakhu, Founder 

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A Message from the Founder

Sharm' (shar- MAY). Peace and freedom. Welcome to SHENU Khametic Waters Institute.

Our Khametic school has gone through many transitions since its inception December 26, 1999 - the day I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister, Healing Minister and Sacred Earth Keeper. The school was then known as Sacred Circle of Light. The school became the water wisdom circle "Shenu." SHENU became the first modern day spiritual organization honoring the water wisdom of Ancient Khamet. The human body is comprised mostly of water. As an already initiated ankh carrying high priestess and Bantu nganga (healer), it made sense to create a sacred space for introspective healing and intensive study with the rich Hapi (Nile) Valley resources left behind. Ancient life was based around the iteru (river). There are many practical, African cultural, metaphysical, and spiritual lessons to learn, including SHENU Khametic Yoga (TM). They have been, and are, valuable.

Online spiritual services and classes are available to you.

To all, know that the Khametic word for love is MER - the same word for water.

Love is the most powerful force that exists. We say, "Mer Aa (mayr ay- AH). Much Love. Heri (heh-REE). Be at peace."

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